Disaster declaration in Scott County and what it means

BETTENDORF, Iowa. (KWQC) - While the water is starting to go down, the river is expected to remain high for several more weeks. Which is why both the Scott County Board of Supervisors and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds have issued a disaster declaration for the county.

However, they both mean very different things. One is a formality while the other makes funding and supplies available to residents.

The board of supervisors say their declaration is a formality - it doesn't make any more services available. They say they've been making sand and sandbags available, as well as distributed water, but the main factor that residents would be able to take advantage of is Governor Reynolds grants.

Chris Winters, Pleasant Valley resident said, "you worry about the house, you worry about everything else." With over four feet of water in his house, Winters worried about his home. But, at this point, he's gotten used to it.

"I mean, once you've lived in the floods so long, I guess you just go through it, get over it, and it's nothing out of the ordinary or anything like that" explained Winters.

He said he would not take advantage of the grants, as he doesn't think he would need them.

However, flooding has still impacted many along the river.

"We have whole areas of Downtown Davenport that are shut down and these people here, they're completely surrounded. They have to use boats" said Rebecca Richeal, Pleasant Valley resident.

Governor Reynold's grants would help those affected by flooding and services to people who would need auto & home repairs, clothing food, and emergency housing.

Even residents who haven't been hit the hardest recognize the difficulties everyone faces that come with flooding, "I mean, clean drinking water, showering water, cleaning water, that's hard to come by.'

Another assistance available to those in Pleasant Valley is water from the Red Cross. They'll be at the Pleasant Valley Fire Station this Tuesday from 3 pm to 7 pm.

While there is financial assistance available under Governor Reynold's declaration - it is important to mention that unless a federal declaration is issued, residents are not eligible for federal aid.