Distracted Driving Awareness Week in Illinois

ILLINOIS (KWQC)- Illinois State Police will be participating in the inaugural “Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week.” Troopers will be giving special attention to distracted driving laws the week of April 24 28. A press conference Monday, April 24, at the Illinois State Capitol kicked off the campaign.
Chief James Kruger, President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police said, “Distracted driving is a significant problem on our roadways that can only be solved with education, enforcement, and drivers committing to driving responsibly and obeying the laws. Because of this, The Illinois Chiefs in partnership with AAA will be launching the first ever state wide distracted driving awareness campaign this week.”
Illinois Distracted Driving laws have been in effect for seven years. State police say the rules are not just to avoid getting a ticket, but to avoid causing an injury or fatal crash.
The use of wireless telephones for all drivers, regardless of age, while operating a vehicle in a school zone or construction zone is prohibited. Also, the use of electronic communication devices or any other electronic device, to text, e-mail, compose, read or send electronic messages or access internet sites while driving a motor vehicle is prohibited. Violating Illinois’ texting law can be costly. A first violation for this offense is $120 and can increase with multiple violations or when a violation occurs in a work or school zone.
Distracted Driving is a nationwide epidemic. Driver inattention is a factor in more than one million crashes annually, resulting in serious injuries, deaths, and an economic impact that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says reaches nearly $40 billion per year.