Doctors learning the needs of LGBTQ patients

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(NBC) - A New survey shows many Oncologists do not know enough about the needs of their patients who are sexual minorities.

Researchers from the New York School of Medicine and Moffitt Cancer Center surveyed 450 Oncologists from 45 cancer centers in the country. While the majority said they were comfortable with treating their LGBTQ patients, only half knew about their health needs.

Nearly 40% said they knew enough about the specific needs of transgender patients.

The researchers say cancer centers should establish protocols when it comes to treating the LGBTQ community as it does for the straight community.

Additional information about the survey:

Most of the participants were non-Hispanic, heterosexual males.

Experts say members of the LGBTQ community are at a higher risk of certain types of cancer such as oral or cervical.

However, experts also say they are less likely to be screened.