Doctors say Iowa may see more intense spring and summer allergy season

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - One eastern Iowa doctor says the area could experience a more intense spring and summer allergy season.

The pollen count on Wednesday was 3.2. That's low to medium, but it will go up by Thursday as it gets warmer.

Dr. Shane Gailushas is an ear, nose and throat specialist in Cedar Rapids says if the cold winter weather continues, it will delay the start of the spring allergy season. But once it does get warmer, he said trees will start to pollinate, and that will cause many people to start experiencing allergy symptoms.

The doctor said the wet weather patterns could cause people with allergies to suffer more this year.

"More water and more sun mean the trees are going to get more allergens, and we have certainly had more water this year," Gailushas said.

Gailushas said if you have bad allergies, you should start using nasal sprays now.

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