Donahue homes surrounded by floodwaters, leaving residents stranded

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DONAHUE, Iowa (KWQC) - Recent heavy rains have caused rivers across the Quad Cities to flow out of their banks, including the Waspi River. For people in more than two-dozens homes near Donahue, the high water has left them stranded.

"I'm five-foot-three and it is about belly button heights and freezing," Nikki McDaniel told TV6 as she stood in front of a flooded street.

Several feet of water covers River Camp Road outside of Donahue. In places, the water is so deep that vehicles can not get through.

"People don't understand the ramifications of just how deep it is out here and when we say we're flooding, we mean more than a little puddle," McDaniel said.

McDaniel has lived on the street for three-years. This year's flooding is the second time since moving in she's had to deal with flooding. This year's flooding is not near what it was like two years ago.

"The water is so much deeper back where the homes are," McDaniel said. "They fill up around everything. trees. Cars that didn't get out. We definitely monitor the levels pretty closely. If need be, we could evacuate. We're hoping it doesn't get that bad."

The Wapsi River level in Dewitt is currently at 13.49 feet. It is expected to crest between Monday and Tuesday at 13.5 feet.