‘Don’t touch the door, Mommy was shocked’: Child warns dad after motel electrocutions

ROCKY MOUNT, NC (WITN/Gray News) – When Ronald Hall went to the front desk at the Economy Inn Hotel and Suites he had two things on his mind – to pay the rent and tell them the air conditioner wasn’t working.

Kendra Pittman, 30, and her 9-year-old daughter Siiyahh were electrocuted by faulty wiring and an electrified door at an Economy Inn Hotel, in North Carolina, according to the family. (Source: WITN/Gray News)

Before he could return to their room, Kendra Pittman, 30, and their 9-year-old daughter Siiyahh would be dead, electrocuted by the same faulty air conditioning unit.

An autopsy released this week confirms the details of the Aug. 20 incident.

The motel clerk reset the breaker for the AC, the autopsy said, and as the father walked back to the room he could hear the air conditioner running and his 10-year-old son yelling, “Don’t touch the door, Mommy was shocked.”

Hall kicked in the door and found his wife and daughter collapsed on the floor.

The boy told investigators that his mother touched the door handle to go outside to tell Hall the air conditioning was working again. When Pittman did, “she stiffened and became unresponsive.”

The boy knocked her body away from the door and was trying to wake her up when his sister touched the door handle too, the autopsy said. She later died at the hospital.

The autopsy lists their causes of death as electrocution.

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