Dorian damage horrible. But, take a look back at Michael!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - The pictures of utter devastation from the Bahamas show what kind of menace a Category 5 hurricane can be. From the surge and rain induced flooding to the strafing damage done by triple digit wind speeds the images seem surreal. But, they aren’t that distant a memory here at home in the United States. Hurricane Michael made it on land around Mexico Beach, Florida just a bit more than a year ago on October 10th, 2018. It, too, was a Cat 5 and as it pummeled the beach town with, essentially, a direct hit, wind speeds were around 150+ mph as it left the Gulf and made it on land. Keeping in mind the immediate need for aid in the path of Dorian, if you wish to see what long term damage a Category 5 hurricane like Michael or Dorian is capable of just go to Google Maps. Here you can take a cyber-tour of Mexico Beach with images Google gathered just a few days after Michael left. You’ll notice things like trucks carrying outhouses, numerous utility trucks, trees stripped of leaves, many building flattened and an eerie lack of people! To this day the clean-up continues. And, if there’s any lesson to be learned it’s that of having a plan! Here in the Midwest, we have to deal with tornadoes and destructive winds. Think of what you would need to have with you, and preserve from damage should you get hit by a monster storm! Look at the street view images of Mexico Beach and see what you can learn. It might make you a bit more secure in a world where predictable storms can cause unpredictable hardship!