Driver abandons SUV on beach during Hurricane Dorian

A driver abandoned their Jeep on the beach as Hurricane Dorian hit Myrtle Beach. (Source: WMBF)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Police came across an abandoned SUV near the shoreline in Myrtle Beach as Hurricane Dorian hit the Grand Strand.

A viewer sent WMBF News a picture of the Jeep around 38th Avenue North.

Police said that someone decided to drive the Jeep out on the beach and see how far they could take it, but ended up getting stuck. The driver ended up abandoning the Jeep.

Officers said there is not much they can do to get the Jeep out with Hurricane Dorian battering the coast, bringing heavy winds and rain to the area.

We have a news crew at the scene right now, monitoring what will happen to the Jeep as the tide comes in and Dorian hits our coastline.

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