Drivers on the Illinois Tollway need transponder in vehicle for discounted I-PASS rates

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Illinois (KWQC) - If you drive the Illinois Tollway and don't use the I-PASS transponder, you could start paying double.

Beginning January 1, 2018, drivers must use a transponder to enjoy the 50 percent I-PASS discount on tolls while traveling on the Illinois Tollway.

Prior to this, if a driver goes through a tollway without a transponder but had an I-PASS account set up, they were charged the discounted rate.

Now, if no transponder is detected in a vehicle, a video toll is posted to the driver's I-PASS account.

After five video tolls on a single license plate in one month, drivers will lose the I-PASS discount on tolls for that license plate and instead pay the cash toll rate.

Any subsequent video tolls to that plate will post at the full cash rate for the remainder of the month.

For example, driving to Chicago and using the Illinois Tollway would normally cost around $6.00 with the I-PASS discount. Without the transponder taking the same route it will cost and estimated $12.00.

Drivers within the same household can still share the transponders, but they have to make sure the different vehicle license plates are registered to the same account.

It's recommended for drivers to get a transponder for each vehicle to avoid forgetting to grab it out of another vehicle in a pinch.

A transponder is ten dollars, plus a refundable deposit.

Drivers can always choose to only use the cash tolls when driving and not use an I-PASS lane at all.

There are other ways to avoid the toll routes entirely depending on how quickly or efficiently you want to get to your destination.