Dubuque County officials warn of scam claiming there's an outstanding warrant on residents

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DUBUQUE Co., Iowa (KWQC) - Officials in Dubuque County are warning residents of a phone scam.

Officials say on Wednesday, Nov. 7, the Dubuque County Sheriff's Office received multiple calls from residents saying they were the target of a phone scam.

The caller in the scam claimed to be with the sheriff's office and they were contacting the resident to tell them about an outstanding warrant. They're advised to then buy iTunes gift cards and gift certificates to satisfy the bond of the warrant.

Officials with the sheriff's office say this is a reminder to all that the sheriff's office does not accept iTunes gift cards or gift certificates as forms of payment. They also do not notify residents in regards to warrants unless that arrangement has been verbally discussed previously with the offender.

The phone numbers used in the scam according to officials were: 563-349-7849, 563-326-8625 and 563-235-9496. If you have received a call from any of those numbers, please disregard it. If you have purchased and sent iTunes gift cards or gift certificates as a result of a scam, please contact your local authorities.