Dubuque city officials: taxpayers paying too much for 911 services


DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - City leaders in Dubuque are asking that the 911 Emergency Communications Center be completely placed under the county's jurisdiction because of the distribution of costs for taxpayers.

Currently, the city maintains the country 911 center, which provides communications services to police fire and ambulatory services.

In a letter to the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors, city leaders say the current agreement for the cost to operate the center is split for taxpayers.

Dubuque County residents get 1/3 of the expenses while those in the city get to pay 2/3.

"Since City of Dubuque property taxpayers also pay property taxes for Dubuque County, property owners in the City of Dubuque are paying twice," the city manager said in a letter to the county. "Therefore, a property taxpayer in the City of Dubuque pays 86 percent of the cost and a property taxpayer outside the City of Dubuque pays 14 percent of the cost."

County residents also pay the costs of all the other cities within Dubuque County, but not the City of Dubuque.

In the letter, City Manager Michael Van Milligen writes that city officials are concerned with incurring significant overhead costs for administrative and legal expenses.

"This will mean the equitable distribution of costs, with the costs appearing on the County-wide General Levy, Debt Levy and/or the Emergency Management Levy," Van Milligen said in the letter.

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