East Moline Police Officer, two others arrested in fight in Downtown Rock Island

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) - Rock Island Officers are taking a man to jail on May 13th at 2:26 a.m.

They leave the District of Rock Island and turn south on 17th Street.

A block away, in the street between Steve's Old Time Tap and The Holiday Inn, three men are fighting and stumbling around.

Officers quickly put their squad in park and run out at the them, Officer Holmes jumps out of the passenger side and knocks a man off of another. Officer Zier tackles a different man.

Body camera video from Officer Holmes shows him knock what he will soon learn is Logan Wolfe, an off-duty East Moline Police Officer, to the ground.

"Hands behind your back!" Ofc. Holmes yells while straddling Wolfe.

"Whoa, whoa, I'm the police too!" Wolfe responds multiple times. "I'm the police too."

"Hands behind your back," Ofc. Holmes yells back. "10-32 [the ten code for gun] as well!"

As Holmes tackles Wolfe, Police reports say Wolfe's Ruger LCP .380 pistol falls out of his waistband. One minute later, body camera video shows him admitting to carrying one.

"What's your name boss?" Ofc. Holmes asks.

"Logan," Wolfe responds.

"You said Logan?" Ofc. Holmes responds.

"Yeah, I've got a gun, I've got a gun."

Two other people were put into cuffs, Vincent Pennacchio and Jamire Bowdry.

Police reports obtained by TV6 say video taken from Steve's Old Time Tap show Wolfe and Bowdry start to fight. Though, the police report says it is unclear to see who started the fight due to parked cars in the way. Reports say Wolfe then walks away from Bowdry. Then, Wolfe heads back to his car, stops and heads back in Bowdry's direction. Pennacchio then runs toward Bowdry, the two fight, and Wolfe steps in. That is when officers break up the fight, all three are detained.

Wolfe is not put into a squad car, but rather is detained standing behind one of the Rock Island Police SUVs.

"My wallet should be in my right pocket and my gun should have been right here," he is heard saying on RIPD body camera video. "Please tell me you guys found my gun."

"I got your gun," an officer responds.

"Okay, thank you," he says.

"You do know it is illegal to be in a bar drinking with a gun correct?" The officer says to him.

"Yeah," Wolfe agrees.

"You're probably going to jail for that," the officer adds.

Police reports say he appeared to be highly intoxicated and Wolfe is seen on body camera video admitting to drinking. Though, no breathalyzer test was performed, according to police reports.

"Who is your supervisor?" an officer asks.

"Darren Gault," Wolfe responds.

"So how would he feel about you right now, drunk and carrying a gun? you know that is illegal, cop or not." The officer continues.

Wolfe was only booked for battery and no firearm related charges, though his gun was confiscated. Officers on scene tell him it will be placed into evidence.

Officers tried to get his side of the story, asking him multiple times what happened.

"You need to be 100 percent honest. I don't care if you know him [Bowdry] or don't know him," Ofc. Holmes asks. "What the F***happened?"

Reports and body camera footage show Wolfe would only say he didn't remember what happened and that Bowdry punched him in the face. He also complained of shoulder pain.

"I'm going to be 100 percent honest with you," Ofc. Holmes adds. "You're going to jail because you were fighting with him first. It's on video," he adds after watching the video at Steve's Old Time Tap that points out into the street.

Officers can be seen multiple times on body camera video trying to get Wolfe to say something about what happened.

He is eventually booked into the Rock Island county Jail on battery charges.

The battery charges are preliminary, no formal charges have been filed.

Because the case involves a police officer, the Rock Island County State's Attorney sends the case to the State's Appellate Prosecutor.

That office then has up to 18 months to review the case and file charges.

East Moline Police Chief John Reynolds did respond to a request for comment.

"it is being handled as a personnel matter," he said in an email Sunday Night. "We are conducting an internal investigation at this time. That is all I have at this time."

Logan Wolfe is still employed with the East Moline Police Department.

Rock Island County does have an Integrity Task Force. We spoke with Lt. Chris Endress, the commander of the task force.

He says they have not been contacted by Chief Reynolds to investigate this case. He added that they usually deal with higher profile cases like officer involved shootings.