Eastern Iowa shows support for injured firefighter Adam Cain

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) -- Clinton and Goose Lake, Iowa residents are showing their support for injured Clinton firefighter Adam Cain and Lieutenant Eric Hosette who died battling a fire this weekend.

Cain is currently being treated for severe injuries at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics after being hurt battling a blaze at an ADM grain bin silo in Clinton. Hosette was killed battling that fire. Fire officials say Cain is now breathing on his own and he is awake and alert.

In Goose Lake, residents wore red to show their support for the two firefighter. Goose Lake resident Casidy Dondiego went to Northeast High School with Cain and remembers him as a nice man.

"He and my brother were played basketball together and were good friends," she said.

She said many of his friends and family are either already in Iowa City or planning to go to visit him in the hospital.

In Clinton, residents are displaying red lights outside their homes to show their support for the Clinton Fire Department.

"The city is aware," said Alice Lind, daughter of a retired Clinton firefighter and paramedic, "The city's eyes are open, our hearts are open. People want to contribute what they can."

Growing up in the firefighter family, Lind says it's a tight-knit group that supports each other during these dark times. She says, "Families will be there for each other in this time, fireman will be there for each in this time, and we'll all be showing our support and we'll all have our strength together."