Eastern Iowa woman fighting to keep man who shot her behind bars

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- An Eastern Iowa woman shot multiple times at a gas station is fighting to keep her shooter in prison.

Brandon Gordon was charged with attempted murder but pleaded down to a charge of willful injury causing serious injury. A judge sentenced Gordon to 15 years in prison. He's served less than four.

Police say Gordon shot at a vehicle in September of 2014 at the BP gas station on Center Point Road in Cedar Rapids. Gordon hit Kirsten Meyer, but he said he was aiming for a man that was in the car with her.

Meyer says Gordon has shown no remorse since the shooting. She says, "I've never received an apology from him, (or) from his family."

She still feels the effects from the shooting. She explains, “My lungs aren't fully recovered. I go and do exercise, and I feel like it takes a lot more breathing."

Meyer is also still managing the feelings of the shooting three and a half years ago. She doesn’t like talking about it, but is worried. She says, "I fear that he would want to retaliate because I feel he doesn't think he did anything wrong, and I made it worse for him.”

Gordon has a hearing with a parole board on Tuesday to try to get released. Meyer plans to be there with a victim statement asking the board to keep him behind bars.

Meyer regrets supporting his plea for a lesser charge. She didn't realize he could spend so little time in prison even with a 15 year sentence. She says, "Our attorney told us you know it's up to him to go to trial, so I thought ok he must be telling the truth. But I should've pushed harder for it to go to trial. And I regret it very much to this day."

Her mom, Michelle, has been her biggest supporter, but even she breaks down thinking about almost losing her daughter. She says, "Wondering how people got that cruel. Just trying to protect myself from anger. And trying to just, not try wrap myself around my mind around someone that's so senseless and violent and vile."

Meyer is prepared to go to every parole hearing Gordon has to make sure he serves his sentence. She says, "It's not ok to be violent. I just feel he's violent and he shouldn't be in society."

The family reached out to the Linn County Attorney's Office for help. The Assistant County Attorney Nick Maybanks says they're not a party to parole board proceedings so they can't fight it, but they can send a letter to them expressing a position on the hearing.

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