Easton Valley School Special Election Results

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Jackson Co., Iowa (KWQC) -- A vote to raise property taxes in the Easton Valley School District failed.

The school district planned to use the money to make improvements to all of their school buildings.

Tonight, over 57 percent of the voters voted for it to pass. While 42 percent said no.

60 percent of the vote was needed for it to pass.

Voter turnout topped out at just over 45 percent.

TV6 spoke with Superintendent Chris Fee on the phone tonight he gave us this statement.

"The easiest thing to do is to do nothing i work with a team of educators the school board and community which strive for greatness and deliver the kind of education experience our kids deserve.
We are appreciative of the community for going out to vote.
Unfortunately, our needs still exist, therefore we will continue to partner with our community WITH our relentless pursuit of delivering a safe, accessible and quality schools our kids deserve. "