Evergreen tree stolen from Park View church days before Christmas

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PARK VIEW, Iowa (KWQC) - Christmas is just one week away and the Park View Lutheran Church said another one of their evergreen trees was stolen.

Pastor Peter Hoft said this is the second time this happens, since a tree was stolen from the church in September.

"I was just thinking why would somebody do this a week before Christmas... Stealing from a church? A Christmas tree just seems really mean," he said.

Donna Ploog said she helps out with planting the trees and is saddened by the situation.

"It's very sad to think that somebody would take trees from our church," she said.

Ploog said these trees are one of the most expensive ones on the lot and they also carry a special meaning with them.

"A lot of them are given in memoriam of people who went to church here," she said.

Pastor Hoft said he is not sure what the motive was.

"I have no idea what would be the motive for this. Who would steal a Christmas tree?" he said.

Pastor Hoft said the church may plan on installing security cameras to try and prevent this from happening again.

The church also contacted Scott County Police and say police will be patrolling the area during the evenings. Ploog is asking the community to let the church or police know if anyone happens to see a new, evergreen tree.