Expansion and new jobs coming to Mt. Pleasant

Published: Mar. 21, 2017 at 10:10 PM CDT
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Investment in one area community is leading to new jobs. It's an area that's worked hard to bounce back from losses over the years. Numerous companies in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa over the last couple of decades have seen cutbacks or closed altogether. Now, quite a few are expanding and adding to their workforce, including Innovairre which is looking for 100 new employees.

"While we're a direct mail provider we really service the non profit charities. So think of feeding families, think if disabled vets, religious charities, so on and so forth," said John Hartwell, Chief Operating Officer of the Domestic Platform at Innovairre.

Trev White, an employee of about 15 years and lifelong Mt. Pleasant resident, says he's excited to see growth for the company and the community.

"I started as entry level job and I guess worked my way to or got the opportunity to do the job I do now," said White who is now a press room team leader.

After investing about $15 million at the facility in the last two years the digital printing company will increase its employment here by about twenty percent.

"We lost Blue Bird and we lost Celestica and we lost some industry. It's been a long time coming back," said Mayor Steven Brimhall. "In 2008 and 2009 there was nothing happening. You couldn't have recruited anybody."

That's about the time when the city made an effort to invest millions in new roads and beautifying the community. Mayor Brimhall says it's made a difference in attracting new industry.

"One hundred tech jobs are something that people dream about. Bringing technical jobs into southeast Iowa has always been a big deal for us," he added.

With a couple of other companies adding on tens of thousands of square footage he expects more good things to come.

For more information on the new jobs go to www.innovairre.com.