Witness recalls seeing Davenport fatal crash accident

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- Lori Letts is the name of the woman killed in the Davenport police chase Thursday afternoon. Investigators say the 48-year-old was driving when she got hit by 19-year-old Angel Ochoa.

The intersection of West Kimberly and Fairmount is expected to be blocked off for a couple of hours due to a serious crash that ended after a police chase in Davenport.

Police say Ochoa was speeding and ran a red light. The crash happened shortly before 2 p.m. Police say the pursuit started Northeast with the suspect driving South on Division to West Kimberly Road. They say the suspect started speeding Westbound crashing at the intersection of Kimberly and Fairmount.

Witness, Katie Phillips says it's been hard to process.

“I saw a lot of people standing outside and I could see that there had been a major accident,” said Katie Phillips, who saw the accident.

Phillips a cashier at Harlan’s Fine Food was working at the time. She ran out when she saw police and fire trucks drive by.

“Horrific seeing it from back here. I can't imagine how it was up close,” said Phillips.

A scene she says she can't forget.

“One officer went down into the ditch, where the car had landed, and just walked back up slowly. So we were fairly sure at that point that whoever had been in the car hadn't survived,” said Phillips.

Philips says she understands police have to do their job but wishes there was a better way to combat crime.

“I feel horrible for her and her children. I just hope something can be done so that this doesn't continue to happen,” said Phillips.

According to police documents, 18-year-old Gavin Bennett was a passenger in Angel Ochoa's car. Bennett was taken to University of Iowa hospitals. His condition is unknown right now.

The Davenport Police Department does have a chase policy. Officers only start a pursuit in cases of forcible felonies, gun crimes, or if the driver is on a specialized list. Plus, the shift commander on duty must approve the officer's request to chase.