FEMA representatives surveying flood damage in Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency have arrived in the Quad Cities to survey flood damage.

Flooding efforts are ongoing due to the Mississippi River rising. (KWQC)

On Monday afternoon, Davenport city officials announced that FEMA has begun its initial damage assessment. That includes interviewing property owners who have been impacted.

City officials are also expected to announce volunteering opportunities for those interested in helping with flood recovery efforts and the reopening of some roads on Tuesday.

However, officials say some areas have been underwater for 51 days now, and they're asking the public to be patient as crews work on roads.

The Mississippi River will continue to drop before leveling off at 16 feet for a few days later this week. As of Monday evening, the river level was at 17.4 feet.