Families and friends share their memories of the victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (CNN) - Families, friends, and loved ones are sharing stories and memories of the victims of the Las Vegas shootings.

Photo: ZUMA Press/MGN

Sonny and Heather Melton were newlyweds who loved going to concerts. Heather says, "His name was Sonny, but he was literally sunshine when he walked in a room and he smiled. He was the most selfless person that I've ever met, and even until his last breath, he proved that."

When the first shots rang out, Sonny grabbed Heather and was pulling her to safety when he was shot in the back. He died saving her life.

"He saved me before even this incident... he taught me what real love was."

Denise and Tony Burditus had been married for 32 years. They were high school sweethearts. She died in his arms. "Thinking good thoughts of her and the times we've had. I'm gonna miss her greatly and her family will miss her greatly."

Lisa Patterson was a mother of three and spent much of her time coaching a girl's softball league and helping out in church. She's remembered for her infectious energy and fierce love for her family. Her daughter, Amber says she was a caring person, "She was such an amazing person, she cared for so many people, she was so enthusiastic, she was literally the best mom and she was my best friend."

Christopher Roybal was a Navy Veteran who served in Afghanistan.
His co-workers say they lost a son, mentor, friend and hero.

Adrian Murfitt was a commercial fisherman from Alaska. He'd been looking forward to the trip to Vegas with his friends. His buddy, Brian MacKinnon says, "I even told him I couldn't go. I went to the bathroom and came back and he showed me his phone, he said I bought you your tickets and everything. You're going."

MacKinnon tried desperately to save his friend's life, holding Adrian in his arms until he took his last breath. "I went back and sat next to him, put his hat on. Kind of waited. I just yelled at him not to go and he just blankly stared at me."

Even though she didn't know him, Heather Gooze stayed with 25-year-old Jordan McIldoon. She held his hand until he passed away. She says she didn't want him to be alone. She delivered the news of his death to his girlfriend, who was separated from Jordan in the chaos. "She broke down, and she said, 'You know, he's the love of my life. This can't be happening.' I go, 'I promise you, I will not leave him."

Neysa Tonks was a happy, fun-loving, single mother of three boys ending the concert with co-workers. Her family is in disbelief. Her father, Chris Davis says, "We knew that she had passed. We knew that there wasn't any hope. And that was the worst. Knowing that she had passed." Her older sons don't know how to process the pain. "My minds racing in a million different ways there just so much I could say." "There are moments when you are just so sad and you are so angry that it happened. And but you are so happy for the life that she had."

More than 500 others were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. History.