Family Resources still helping victims of trauma amid COVID-19

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - Coronavirus mandates have forced families and couples around the country to stay inside their homes.

(Family Resources)

That presents a problem especially for people in abusive household situations.

TV6 spoke to Family Resources, a social service organization about what resources are still available for those currently experiencing trauma.

“I am worried that the longevity in living in this trauma is going to be really challenging for folks when it is all said and done,” said Nicole Cisne Durbin, Family Resources President and CEO.

COVID-19 mandates are taking a toll on everyone, including those experiencing domestic violence and child abuse.

“You think about kids who are living in homes where there is violence. School was a safety net for them,” Durbin said. “People who are in intimate partner violence relationships -- going to work might have been a safe place for them and they don’t have that.”

Now, COVID-19 mandates are forcing trauma victims among many Americans to stay inside.

“This whole situation is stressful,” Durbin said. “Stress is very normal under these circumstances, but for folks who are in situations like that the stress just exacerbates it, makes it harder and escalates the violence much faster.”

That is why Family Resources is still checking in on people over the phone and providing foster services to children who aren’t safe at home.

“We continue to offer mental health services through telehealth,” Durbin said. “Our advocates continue to respond to hospitals, courthouses, police stations to offer support.”

Durbin said the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak could cause an influx of people who need their services.

“We do know that times of crisis like this are going to create new situations where people need help for those who have not accessed our services before,” Durbin said. “We want them to know that even though we are not physically there -- even though our business office is closed --- we are still here. We will figure out how to provide services to you.”

Family Resources has a 24-hour free crisis line available to anyone who needs it.

Toll Free: (866) 921-3354
Illinois: (309) 797-1777
Iowa Quad Cities: (563) 921-3354