Family of Illinois woman honor her and share details of her passing

ROSEVILLE, III (KWQC) -- Loved ones of the woman who died at the Blackhawk Bowl and Martini lounge are speaking out. The family is sharing more details now about the death of 27-year-old Brittany Russell.

Brittany Russell’s family say they were informed by the medical examiner that she was electrocuted. They’re hoping the official autopsy and police investigation will bring some answers as to what exactly happened.

“We do know she was electrocuted at this point. The coroner did tell us that she's sure that it was instant,” said Rose Russell, Brittany Russell’s mother.

Police say preliminary information shows Russell’s death was accidental. A witness TV6 spoke to Sunday night at the scene says they were bowling and another family had an issue with their bowling pins. Russell went to fix it and that was when they last saw her. It was that same night the family started to wonder about her whereabouts.

“It was through Facebook that we heard that they had found a body. Before we were even notified and then immediately we became concerned,” said Rose Russell. I won't get any grandchildren from her. Her son won't have a mom to help him grow up,”

The family is thankful for the memories they have together and are choosing to focus on that.

“We fought a lot but I know that she loved me and I loved her,” said Chris Cauthon, Brittany Russel’s older sister.

“I just want everyone to remember her. Not the incident and not just the 27-year- old that passed away. I want everyone to remember Brittany Russell as the loving person that she is,” said Tiffany Russell, Brittany Russell’s younger sister.

A woman who not only touched the lives of loved ones but many others.

“She was an excellent mom she did everything for Russell and me. Then if she ever needed anything I was right there,” said Ryan Dean, father of Brittany Russell’s son.

“Feel deep in my heart that this is such a senseless death,” said Rose Russell.

The family is waiting for the autopsy to be completed, so they can start funeral arrangements. They do extend their gratitude to the people that have shared great memories of Brittany and they ask for privacy and for people to wait for the final investigation to come out before making judgments.

Davenport police are still investigating the case. The Iowa Labor of Division is also looking into the matter. The family has set up an account for Brittany’s five-year son at Raritan State Bank in Raritan, IL. If you would like to help, you can contact that bank.