Family of shooting victim speaks out against gun violence in the QCA

Published: Aug. 20, 2017 at 10:22 PM CDT
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22-year old Du'Jor Simpson was the light of his sister's lives.

"He mean the world to me," says his sister Shannatta Binion.

Older sister Dannatta Binion says Simpson always put family first.

"We had a saying 'I'm my brother's keeper' and his was 'I'm my sister's protector,'" she recalls.

When Simpson was shot and killed on Friday, he became the 2nd shooting victim in Davenport in less than 72 hours.

His mother Jerleaner Jackson says she brought her sons to the area to raise them in a safer neighborhood than Chicago.

"I know violence is everywhere," Jackson says."I just never thought it would actually be in my backyard."

Jackson regrets her decision to leave the big city.

"I'm done with the Quad Cities," she admits. "I feel like it was the biggest mistake of my life."

His sisters want to make sure their younger brother's legacy lives on.

"As a community I would definitely like to see us come together more," says sister Shannatta. "We've lost so many young males due to gun violence."

They say what they will remember most about their brother is his smile.

"He was the one that would be able to put a smile on anybody's face," remembers his mom.

"He could turn the worst day into the best day of your life," says his sister Dannatta.