Family says Walnut, Ill. boy hit by semi last fall is doing remarkably well

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WALNUT, Ill. (KWQC) — Here's an update to a story we brought you late last year. In September 2017, a semi-truck hit Caleb Clausen. He spent 94 days in the hospital and was allowed to go home just before Christmas.

Now, Caleb's family says he's doing remarkably well. He's been walking on his own and they've gotten to the point where they are leaving his wheelchair behind at home.

His family says his memory is slowly returning. They say he now knows who all of his family members are and calls them by name. He remembers his neighbor friend's name.

He has at least two upcoming surgeries this year, a major bladder reconstruction surgery and a hardware removal surgery to get the plates and screws removed on his left femur and pelvis.

His family says he does have his bad days, but he surprises them daily on his progress. He is attending therapy four days a week in Bettendorf and tutoring sessions twice a week at his school, Bureau Valley North by his first grade teacher.

The Clausen family says over Facebook, supporters arranged a card shower for Caleb's birthday on Monday, March 12. They say he was pretty excited to see over 100 birthday cards from all over the country. His family thanks everyone for their cards and birthday wishes.