Farmers struggling from flooding and trade war

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Local farmer Robb Ewoldt says the snowball effect of weather and trade war is taking all the fun out of something he and his fellow farmers love doing - and as of right now they're just trying to lose the least amount of money as possible.

“It's just kind of a perfect storm in agriculture,” said Ewoldt.

Since last fall the trade war has impacted farmers in a huge way, and because of the harsh winter and recent flooding farmers are stuck in their tracks.

“Last year was very challenging. We did not export the amount of soybeans we would normally export to China because of the tariffs. Therefore, a lot of our storage facilities here are stored with soybeans,” he said. “We didn't send them down the river, and because of that and the flooding down the river we really haven't been able to move the crop out.”

Ewoldt says it's extremely frustrating because even when they find other areas to export, Mother Nature has made it impossible to get their goods where they need to go.

“It all goes back to last fall when we normally would export to China, we couldn't because they weren't buying,” he said. “So now, when we do get some exporting opportunities - whether it be sending soybeans to Egypt, whether we send some soybeans down to Mexico to make mayonnaise out of it - we can't get it there now because of the flooding.”

With over three of the nine months of exporting already gone to waste, he and the farming community are just hoping for a big turnaround.

“We want stability in agriculture, and right now we don't have it,” he added.

Ewoldt says whether it's the weather or the politics, it's completely out of their hands as farmers right now. He's picked up another job to help with some costs, and for now it continues to be a waiting a game.