Feel Good Friday

Published: Oct. 6, 2017 at 5:29 AM CDT
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Let’s face it. It’s been a long week processing the Las Vegas shooting. The largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history came on the heels of the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hitting Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

We all need a moment to celebrate the good in life, so we want to hear about the stories that make you happy this ‘Feel Good Friday.’

We posted on our Facebook page on Thursday asking what’s making you feel good this Friday and we got some awesome responses.

Brian Welch proposed to his girlfriend last Sunday. After more than a year and a half together, Welch says he can’t wait to marry the love of his life. When she said yes to his proposal, he asked if they could get married this month. She agreed! They plan to tie the knot 3 weeks from today on October 27th.

Mom Shauna Learn of Donahue, Iowa told us about her son Dillon. He has a heart condition but was recently cleared to play tackle football. She shared a picture of him grinning from ear to ear after his first practice.

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