Final voter registration day for Illinois Primary Election

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ILLINOIS (KWQC) -- Early voting started earlier this month and some Illinois residents have already cast their ballots for the March Primary Election.

TV-6 spoke with several Moline and Rock Island residents about what issues they would like to see the candidates address.

"The pension situation is very important. As I said, I'm a retired school teacher, so obviously that's important," said Burt Wymore, a Moline resident.

"What's really important to me has to do with the pro-life debate. It's important for me to look at, for a candidate that supports life from conception," said Amanda Hodge, a Rock Island resident.

Others also brought up health care.

"Well, I would like to stop the gutting of the Affordable Care Act -- It needs to be strengthened, not done away with," said Gilbert Barrett, a Rock Island resident.

"Health issues, insurance, the rising cost of insurance, the rising cost of prescription drugs," said Wymore.

Several are also concerned with the state's fiscal condition.

"I'm also very passionate about our budget and where we're headed and the state of Illinois and so I'll really be paying close attention as to who has the best plan in place," said Hodge.

Primary Election Day in Illinois is on March 20th.