Fire department implements new safety measures following stolen fire truck

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EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - The East Moline Fire Department is working to implement new safety measures to prevent another stolen fire truck. In August, a man was caught on surveillance cameras getting into an unattended fire truck before he crashed it on a river bank in Hampton, Illinois. Chief Robert DeFrance said the department is focused on preventing another incident.

"I think the odds of our truck getting stolen are slim to none but obviously we've had one stolen so we can't let that happen again."

After months of research, Chief DeFrance said he stumbled upon a device called 'Vista Brake Lock.' Since most fire trucks do not have keys, the device requires the driver to enter a pin code before the brake is released.

"Adding a pin code to unlock it, helps provide the security we want."

Chief DeFrance said he plans to invest in Vista Brake Lock's for every fire truck in the fleet. The device costs around $1300.

"I imagine it's going to become standard equipment maybe in years to come, this device or something similar on most trucks."