Firefighters push patient up icy hill after ambulance crashes on road

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (NBC) - Two Missouri firefighters go the extra mile to get an injured car crash victim to the hospital.

It happened Sunday morning in Maryland Heights as firefigthers responded to a single vehicle accident involving a city bus.

On the way to the accident, the ambulance slid on icy roads and hit a guardrail.

With the ambulance out of commission, the firefighters walked to the accident scene.

Once they loaded the female bus driver on a stretcher, they pushed it about a mile on icy roads with several hills to a nearby hospital emergency room.

Thankfully, the bus driver was not seriously injured.

"It was exhausting," Firefighter Shaylor Taetz said. "Getting up that hill about halfway up that hill we had to stop and switch people around. We did cover her up because it was sleeting or icing and we made sure that none of that was hitting her in the face."