First accumulating snow of 2019 on the way

Quad Cities (KWQC) - We start the weekend with the first snow of 2019. From late Friday evening through much of Saturday we’ll see a steady, light to moderate snow fall across most if not all of the QCA. The only areas that have a chance of seeing little if any snow are those northern areas along the Highway 20 corridor. Farther south the accumulations could be more than just a nuisance! Overnight Friday some roads will start getting slick with fresh snow. Many major roads have already been pre-treated but, as always, even a little snow will cause problems on untreated roads, bridges, overpasses, elevated surfaces, sidewalks and parking lots so use caution through Saturday! As the snow falls it will be accompanied by light winds, at most, so blowing and drifting won’t be an issue but at times the amount of snow falling could limit visibility for a time. In terms of accumulation, north to south, it appears at this time that areas north of Highway 30 could see nothing more than a trace of snow to up to 2 inches. From Highway 30 south toward Highway 34, including the Interstate 80 corridor, 2 to 4 inches are possible. Along and south of Highway 34 4 to 6 inches could fall with some isolated areas possibly getting more than 6 inches of accumulation! Snow will taper off later Saturday afternoon and into the evening hours. But, be prepared. Some of our weather models keep the snow falling much of Saturday night. If this is the case the long duration of falling snow could mean slightly higher accumulations.