Flipped Out Furniture

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — She is a first time business owner and enjoying success in Davenport’s Hilltop Neighborhood. Thirty five year old Rebekah Despeghel has a way with wood.

This young woman restores and refurbishes furniture. Taking “throw- aways” and making them look beautiful again. Chairs, tables, a hutch, you name it. She re-purposes old pieces and turns them into stylish keepsakes.

Nothing goes to waste in her shop. Sometimes bed sheets are used to replace worn out material on chairs. Rebekah is very skilled with power tools, gaining much of her knowledge from her dad. Her mother also assists with the business.

Foot traffic from other businesses on the hill often come her way. More scheduled events also bring more people to the shop.

The facades on several buildings are changing as well. Giving them a more contemporary look. Rebekah says she does not have any debt. The business is turning a profit. Making a profit, she believes, in more ways than only money. In a neighborhood on the comeback trail!