Flood Fest raises money for downtown businesses

Flood Fest, a flood benefit relief concert had over 200 people in attendance on Friday night.

There were nearly 20 booths of downtown businesses, ranging from shirts, paintings, pottery, mead, and beer.

All of the booths hoping to regain a little bit of support and money after the flood put many of them out of business. All of the money raised on Friday is going towards them.

"Ultimately [the money] it will go to downtown businesses that were directly affected. To people that were either closed as a result of the water or literally took water on their building. It'll help pay for damages or lost wages, things of that nature. So the more we raise, the more we can give back" explained Kyle Carter, the executive director of downtown Davenport partnerships.

Businesses ask that you still support them even though the water is receding, as many have been out of business for weeks if not months.

To donate, organizers ask you go to RME'S Facebook page and click the donate button. From there, the money will be divided into different businesses.