Flood drive in Davenport until end of May

DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) - Salvation Army is hosting a flood drive with hundreds of supplies for those affected by the flood at the old Office Max building in Davenport.

"Now we got to clean up.To have these supplies and the bleach especially, and the buckets with the brush and everything and the bags is going to be a great help to get a fast start and a good job cleaning. It's a big help" said Lily Peterson, who had over a foot of water in her home.

She says the Salvation Army having everything at one site is very helpful "because the stress on people, a lot of times you don't know where to start or manage."

If you haven't been able to get to your house yet, don't worry because these supplies will be available for a few more weeks.

Bill Horrell, Development Director said, "as long as it's needed we'll be here until month of may since they'll be cleaning up for weeks. We want them to let them know we'll be here."

They have cleaning supplies as well as snacks, water, fans, and dehumidifiers available depending on what you need, as long as you bring your state ID.

The supplies are available from 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday until the end of May. Anyone from Scott County or Rock Island County can pick up whatever supplies they need.

They're also asking for volunteers to work the shifts, if you want to help at the donation site you're asked to contact Bill_Horrell@usc.salvationarmy.org

Video in English y español: