Flooding at Credit Island causes headache for many

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Flood waters have completely covered Credit Island Lane - the only entrance to Credit Island - and it's already causing cancellations of different events there this coming weekend. Locals who visit the island on a regular basis are worried the "Haunted Island" event they do there every October will be postponed or moved.

Lisa Benningfield is the Business Manager at the Credit Island Bait Shop across from the entrance to the island, and she knows it's a place prone to flooding. "I am going to be getting a hold of some people to see if we can set a rain date for [Haunted Island]," she said. "I guess the biggest thing is to just ride it out and see how long this is going to last."

Although regular visitors of the island are used to occasional flooding, they aren't used to it in October. "We have no idea what kind of condition it is down there at the lodge or anything, so it kind of has us a little worried," said Benningfield. "I guess the biggest thing is just making sure we get the island back prepared to the way it should be."

The Davenport Parks & Recreation Department sets up different events at Credit Island, and their director is already under way figuring out where to move upcoming plans - he knows the weather can be unpredictable. "Mother nature has impacts on all aspects of life including business, our operations, travel in the community," said Chad Dyson. "We do our best from our operational standpoint to make whatever accommodations we can for events and activities that were planned for Credit Island and try to reroute them or rework them somewhere else within our system."

The flooding impacts businesses in the area too, making it hard for people to get to where they usually get to. "It has impacted the bait shop big time," said Benningfield. "When the river is up like this there's a lot of people that can't get out of their homes. Business has dropped big time since the rivers came back up."

Events later in the month aren't being cancelled or moved quite yet, the Park Department is trying to stay positive and see if the water levels go down. But, it doesn't look like Credit Island will be dry anytime soon.

"We've lost all access to Credit Island," said Dyson. "As the water continues to rise the projection is that we'll lose the entire island up to the entrance of the lodge."

The Parks Department wants community members to know they can always call them to find out any new information about events that are planned on Credit Island, in case something has changed.