Flooding not slowing down St. Patty’s day celebrations in downtown Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - The St. Patty’s day race in downtown Davenport had tons of runners out and ready to enjoy their holiday, even with the recent flooding.

“Yeah, no it was fine. There was flooding on the river, though. I didn't even know there was flooding until we got here, we didn't see it anywhere else,” said Augustana Juniors, Arianne Schipp and Claire Koszewski.

Some minor flooding in the QCA wasn't going to slow down the runners from getting to their CASI St. Patty's day race - especially some Augie students looking to get a break.

“Just looking to have a good weekend honestly. With school we're kind of busy a lot so this is the weekend to have fun. A good weekend to relax and kick back, that kind of thing,” said Schipp.

Not to mention, they used to run cross country for the Vikings, so a race and some beer sounded like a perfect day.

“We actually used to be on the Augustana cross country team so we like to run for fun now,” added Schipp.

One volunteer says they didn't notice a lack of people from the water, either.

“No, in fact the only roads that were cut off for the race. I haven't seen any roads shut down from the flood, it looks pretty good out there,” said CASI volunteer, Debra Bates.

With sales just as great as every St. Patty's day, with a few holiday items already sold out.

“Quite a few people, I think we're going to do really good there were a lot of tots out there running,” said Bates. “The gloves which we sold out of, was a big hit, and the bandanas and a lot of t shirts.”

They said a little water wasn't going to stop them from running for a good cause, and enjoying some green beer.