Floreciente neighborhood cleans up

Published: Jun. 15, 2019 at 10:35 PM CDT
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The Floreciente neighborhood spent the past two days doing service, hoping that communication and working together will bring everyone closer, and possibly reduce crime.

This is the fourth year the neighborhood "rocks the block."

"When collaborations are done like this with nonprofit organizations, it really brings a unity to our neighborhood in a sense of collaboration, a sense of being neighborly" said Susana Aguilar, board member of Floreciente association.

The Floreciente Neighborhood Association teamed up with Habitat For Humanity and Republic Services - with a $40,000 grant from Republic Services to help the community.

"We've been working with young families and are able to come in and do one piece of their renovation puzzle to keep them going further" explained Mary Chappell, the Neighborhood Revitalization Director for Habitat for Humanity.

Dozens of volunteers painted fences, repaired and painted porches, did lawn work, and sidewalk cleanup. While they may seem like simple tasks to some, it goes a long way to help individuals.

"Doing this type of work is overwhelming. You decide to make a repair instead of doing other work. It's something you don't maintain, and it's a way that the volunteers that come in can give back to their neighbors, keep people strong, have them belong to a community" said Chappell.

And eventually, the community. They're coming together, hoping by building a strong community so can help avoid crime, like the standoff near downtown one week ago.

Chappell said, "the incident that was recent seemed like a random act and the neighbors here know each other pretty well. Through activities that we have, people come together to get to know each other."

"As the Floreciente is a small community, we're constantly talking with each other. Safety is our #1 priority and helps keep communication lines open" said Aguilar.

Floreciente in Spanish means "flourishing," which is what they are aiming for in their community.

They go block by block each time, aiming to get to the whole Floreciente neighborhood clean and crime free.