Former Bettendorf man finds prized possession after returning to fire ravaged home

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PARADISE, Cal. (KWQC) - For the first time in more than all evacuation orders issued from the California Camp Fire have been lifted.

People living in Paradise were able to return home for the first time Saturday. Among them was a former Bettendorf man who lost everything.

"It is worse than you can even imagine,” Adam Kimball said.

More than a month after the Camp Fire destroyed the town, Kimball was one of dozens who returned home Saturday. He set out on a mission knowing everything was gone.

"You know where to look,” he said. “You get close and you start to find some of your stuff and you're like oh this is near where I am looking."

Kimball was looking for his coin jar and his father’s wedding band.

"You have these hopes and there is not much,” he said.

The hope and drive would pay off. Benefit the rubble of what was once Kimball’s home, he found both. His father’s wedding band was damaged.

"I will try and get it fixed and cleaned,” Kimball said. “We'll see."

The discovery was a glimmer of hope for the father who lost everything.

"The devastation, the pictures and the video, they don't prepare you for how bad it is,” he said. "I don't know where to go. I don't know which direction I am going from here. We want to stay and rebuild."

California officials say the cause of the fire remains under investigation. A federal judge has ordered a state utility company to explain any role it played in cause the fire by the end of this year.