UPDATE: Former DeWitt teacher given two years of probation

(KWQC/AP) - UPDATE 2/8 (AP): A former high school teacher in eastern Iowa who sent nude photos of herself to a student has been given two years of probation.

Clinton County District Court records say 32-year-old Ramsey Hinkle also was given a two-year suspended prison sentence and was ordered to register as a sex offender. She'd pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation by a school employee.

The records say Hinkle admitted sending the photos to a 17-year-old boy while she was a teacher at Central DeWitt High School in November and December 2015. The boy told a police officer that emails he exchanged with Hinkle were sexual in nature. He reported that they talked about having sex but didn't because he was too nervous to follow through on the idea.

UPDATE 1/21/19: Court documents show Ramsey Hinkle has pleaded guilty through a plea agreement. She is expected to be sentenced on February 7, 2019.

Hinkle was charged with Sexual Exploitation by a School Employee.

UPDATE 2/6/18: TV6 got in touch with Superintendent Dan Peterson with the Central DeWitt Community School District. Peterson says Ramsey Hinkle started in 2014. She was in her third year of teaching at the high school during this incident. Hinkle was a speech and language arts teacher, the assistant high school speech coach, and a school play director. The investigation took seventeen months from when the district turned over the investigation to police until Hinkle's arrest. Superintendent Peterson could not comment on why the investigation took so long.

ORIGINAL 2/5/18: Ramsey Hinkle, a former teacher at Central DeWitt Community School District, was arrested Friday and charged with Sexual Exploitation by a School Employee.

The Central DeWitt Community School District released a statement Friday on Facebook, saying in part,

"Ms. Ramsey Hinkle was a teacher with the Central DeWitt Community School District until March 25, 2017. Ms. Hinkle was placed on paid administrative in the fall of 2016, following a report about a possible inappropriate relationship. After a brief internal investigation, the District promptly forwarded that report to the DeWitt Police Department for further investigation. Ms. Hinkle remained on administrative leave until March 25, 2017, at which time she left the District's employ."

The statement also reads,

"While no one is happy to read news like this, the District wants to reassure students, parents, staff and the overall community that the District followed its own internal policies and Iowa law with respect to the handling of the report and investigation, as well as the decision to refer the matter to law enforcement. The District will continue to do its very best to deliver a safe and healthy environment for students and staff to achieve our vision."

TV6 obtained charging documents and the affidavit for Ramsey Hinkle. Documents show several exchanges between Hinkle and a 17 year-old male student. The communications between the two began in November of 2015 and continued until August of 2016.

The court documents allege Hinkle and the student communicated between school emails, Twitter, texts, and Snapchat. The documents also show entries in Hinkle's journal, detailing her relationship with the student.

The male student was interviewed about the relationship in October of 2016. The documents say the student admitted "to starting conversation with Hinkle around the beginning of his second semester junior year," and "through these conversations he said that he utilized SnapChat, Twitter, texting, and emails. He admitted the conversations to be very sexual in nature. He said they exchanged nude photos of one another."

The documents say "Hinkle, through her lawyer, refused to come into the DeWitt Police Department for questioning regarding the details of this case."

Ramsey Hinkle was arrested Friday by Davenport Police. She bonded out shortly after being booked into Scott County.

TV6 has reached out to the Central DeWitt Community School District's Superintendent on various details regarding this case. At this time, we have not yet heard back.