From Chiropractic To Kitchen!

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — She came to Davenport and graduated from Palmer College. He was a laid off carpenter at the time. Little did Dr. De Anna Walter and her fiancée Rick Kimmel realize how their lives would change.

De Anna and Rick (Slideshow below)

Walter fell in love with an 1800’s style home in Davenport’s Gold Coast. She bought it and decided to run her chiropractic business from the home.

When the good doctor started offering coffee to her clients, a dramatic change took place. The clients said the coffee and other treats were so good, they suggested De Anna open a restaurant.

That’s how Café D Marie was born on West Fifth Street. Rick did quite a bit of repair and restoration. The couple took an unorthodox approach as far as a business plan. They had no business loan, no bank account, and not the greatest location. So, they put a lot of effort into their work, and stayed the course.

When word did get out about how good the food is, and the ambiance of the place, customers started arriving. That continues to this day. The restaurant has become a destination place for people who enjoy fine cuisine. Soups, salads, bread pudding, and garden fresh foods.

Today, the historic home is a good example of one couple’s desire to preserve a piece of the past. Going from chiropractic to kitchen.