Front Street Brewery reopens following Davenport historic spring flooding

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Front Street Brewery in Davenport has reopened following a Hesco barrier breach in April. The breach on April 30 flooded the basement and covered the first floor with over a foot of standing water.

Front Street Brewery has reopened following the Hesco barrier breach in Davenport in April. A grand reopening is planned for Dec. 4.

After remaining closed for several months to clean and repair, employees are excited to be back at work.

“All the hard work and team work, and just the anticipation to get back because I didn't want to be anywhere else,” Morgan Cullett, a bartender at Front Street Brewery, said.

The brewery has been a fixture in downtown Davenport since the 90s. The process to clean the business was long because much of the interior had to be remodeled and replaced.

“Virtually every piece of furniture. All the equipment. Coolers. And all the kitchen equipment. Everything you see in the place is brand new. We made some major improvements to the bar,” Tim Baldwin, a co-owner of Front Street, said.

Front Street had flood insurance which covered the bulk of cleanup and recovery efforts. Other businesses, including their former neighbor ROAM, have not reopened.

Being closed for over seven months, especially during their typical busy season, resulted in a significant amount of lost revenue, but Baldwin said he is excited for the future of the business.

“We hope to have a strong reopening and a strong winter. To help us recoup some of that. And roll into spring with a fresh new place,” Baldwin said.

During the process of rebuilding, Front Street took the opportunity to become more prepared for a future flood, but Baldwin said he also trusts the city’s new plans.

Improvements they're making today for installing the two high two deep Hesco barriers moving forward, it certainly gives us a lot of faith that we'll be able to survive another flood like we just experienced this year,” Baldwin said.

They are planning an official grand reopening for Dec. 4, but until then they are open and ready for business.

The Hesco barrier breach was estimated to have cost the city of Davenport at least $3.5 million.