Fundraiser held for indigenous people in the Dakotas affected by flooding

Published: Apr. 9, 2019 at 11:01 AM CDT
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North and South Dakota have been drastically affected by flooding in the past few weeks, leaving many indigenous people in need of help.

The Sage Sisters of Solidarity, a grassroots organization that helps indigenous women, planned a fundraiser for the indigenous people affected in North and South Dakota.

The fundraiser was at the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities in Davenport on Sunday afternoon, where there was an open mic night and bake sale. All of the money goes towards the Dakotas. About half of the indigenous population in the United States lives on reservations, and they say they are in desperate need of help.

"There's about 800 people that don't have clean water to drink, can't bathe, and that's a huge issue" explained Jo Ironshield, one of the Sage Sisters founders.

Regina Tsosie, another founder, goes onto say, "I don't think people realize the conditions of the reservations. they're really a rural area, everything's spread apart."

Since there was a main water break and it is so rural, the money would help bring things like bottled water, medicine, and food to the community.

A member of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) from Davenport was there and donated $500, bringing the sisters to tears.

if you want to donate, you can find out how on their Facebook page - the Sage Sisters of Solidarity.