Galesburg Police are sending out a warning about possible skimmers.

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GALESBURG, Il (KWQC)- The Galesburg Police Department is sending out a warning about debit and credit cards being compromised. Police say reports of debit cards being used at ATM's in the Chicago area were reported over the weekend of March 1 to March 3, 2019.
During the course of the investigation it is believed that a card skimmer was attached to a point of sale at either one or more local convenience stores. At this time police have not recovered any such device and currently we do not have any suspects identified. They have been in contact with the FBI and have been advised that there is currently an open investigation. This investigation is in reference to a group of subjects using skimming devices to collect card information. So far it has been found that there are reports of this type of activity in at least 27 States to include multiple locations in Illinois.

Galesburg Police would like to make people aware of these types of incidents and to advise people to take precautions when using a card reader to process a purchase. There are various types of skimmers that are out there being used. Here are some clues to look for in reference to these types of incidents.

1. If the card reader will only allow the customer to swipe the card and does not allow for the card to be inserted for the chip to be read. (Some businesses do not have chip reading capability and the only way to process the sale is by swiping the card) This does not mean that there is a problem.
2. If the card reader normally accepts a chip, however it stops working and will only read the card by swiping the magnetic strip.
3. If the buttons on the card reader seem hard to push or when pushed don't work properly.
4. Always be cautious if a clerk or employee advises that the card reader does not work and asks you for your card. There are numerous devices made that collect information from your card. The skimmer does not have to be attached to the card reader it could be a portable device. ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CARD.

If you should become concerned about the card reader you are using, PLEASE don't touch it or try and remove the skimmer. Immediately notify the employee or manager and have them contact local Law Enforcement. Galesburg Police Department would encourage anyone that has been a victim of a credit/debit card breach to immediately notify their Financial Institution and to file a report with their local Law Enforcement Agency.
If anyone should have information in regard to the recent events we would encourage you to contact the Galesburg Police Department at (309)343-9151 or Galesburg Crime Stoppers (309) 344-0044 / 1-888-266-0044 or text a tip – text the word “Galesburg” + your tip to 274637