Galesburg delays Monday dismissal for safety during eclipse

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GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) – Students in Galesburg Community Unit School District 205 will remain at school longer than originally scheduled on Monday due to the solar eclipse.

August 21 was supposed to be an early dismissal day, but the early dismissal time would mean students would get out during the eclipse window.

“To ensure student safety during the entire eclipse which will be occurring between 12:30-2:40 pm on August 21st, we will be changing the dismissal time from a 55 minute early dismissal to a regular dismissal day,” Superintendent John Asplund posted on Facebook.

“While Galesburg is not directly in the path of totality, we believe it is important to keep children safe during this event.”

Asplund says students will not be permitted to look unprotected at the sun, “instead, we will be providing all students and staff with appropriate eye wear so that they may view this incredible event.”

Schools in East Moline, Illinois will keep all students indoors for recess on Monday.

"Better safe than sorry, especially with all the talk of so many glasses that don’t meet standards," East Moline district officials told KWQC via Twitter.

While some districts in the Quad Cities Area and elsewhere across the country are altering their schedules, some are choosing to close altogether on Monday.

A number of schools in Tennessee and Alabama, for example, are canceling the entire day, also citing safety concerns, but in some cases the worry is having too little staffing to ensure all students are protected while watching the event.

One small district in Alabama said that, given its limited staff, “it was not appropriate for us to try to handle [students watching the eclipse] and to risk a child getting hurt.”