Galesburg reports improvement after testing of lead water lines

GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) - Good news from City of Galesburg. A recent water quality test for lead came back at acceptable levels. The city tested 30 homes already determined to have lead service lines or lead solder. According to a news release, during this round of testing, the city had zero results over the standard, with the highest level of 7.4 parts per billion. The U.S. EPA defines an exceedance as anything over 15 parts per billion.

A University of Iowa report found counties in Iowa are under-utilizing the Grants to Counties program which provides fund for well water testing. (Charlie Grant, KCRG)

Galesburg will continue efforts to replace water service lines known to have lead and has replaced over 1300 privately-owned service lines over the last three years. The city plans to replace another 350 by March 2020. The City also anticipates receiving an additional forgivable loan from the Illinois EPA to replace an additional 500 lead water service lines.

The work started in 2017 after the discovery of lead in the water.
Contractors to start replacing Galesburg lead water lines