Gearing up for our first potential freeze

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DAVENPORT, Iowa. If you’ve managed to make it through the fall season without turning on your heat yet, that’s changing Friday afternoon. Before you fire up that furnace through, there are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind…

• Change the filter and make sure there’s no build-up of dirt or debris.
• Make sure the areas around the air ducts are clear.
• Keep the thermostat close its normal level- even when you’re not at home. When it gets really cold, turning the heat down will make the furnace work harder when it comes time to warm things up again.
• Check the batteries in your thermostat.
• Make sure your service fan is set to “auto”. If it set to “on”, it will run constantly whether it needs to or not. This should save you quite a bit on that energy bill.

In terms of the plants you’ve been enjoying through our summer months, you’ve got a few options. Andy Kay, the owner of The Green Thumbers, tells us, “You've got two choices, either let them go with the end of the season, accept that, or if you want to save them for another few weeks, save them, bring them in.”

The tropical plants are going to require a bit more love, “Use a good spray, get an insecticide and spray them before you bring them in the house. Then bring them inside and find a permanent home for them for the winter.”

As for those of you with a garden, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Kay says, “You're going to have to go out there and pick all your fruit today. All your veggies, peppers, go out there and harvest everything today and get it brought inside, on your window seal, peppers you're going to have to eat but anything in the garden has to be picked today and brought in.”

If you have flowers planted in the ground, you don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to those just yet either. Simply cover them with a light blanket, bed sheet or table cloth and they should last you a few more weeks.