Geneseo residents react to murder conspiracy case

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Geneseo, Ill. (KWQC) - Police said they arrested an Alabama woman for conspiring to murder two people in Geneseo.

Shannon J. Jones, 38 (Henry County Sheriff's Department)

Police said they arrested Shannon J. Jones, a 38-year-old from Center Point, Alabama and police said Tuesday they know who the second suspect is.

Geneseo residents told TV6 they are shocked to find out that something like this happened in their town.

A life-long Geneseo resident said she was especially shocked to find out that one of the suspects is from Alabama.

“That part is a little strange,” said Geneseo resident Jessica Jansen. “I’m not sure what the connection is with here. I grew up in this town so I like to think it's a safe place to raise a family which is why we are here."

Police said Jones is now facing two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

According to the Geneseo Police Department press release, Jones and another suspect placed a foreign substance into a drink which was consumed by one of the victims.

Police said the victim became sick after drinking it but police believe there weren’t any lasting effects.

Police said on Sunday Jones and the other suspect attempted to bludgeon a second victim at a residence in Geneseo.

The victim was able to escape and avoid serious injury.

“I think it’s sad and scary,” said Geneseo resident Leila Quinones. “A lot of people are shaken up about it. This stuff doesn’t happen here. You just don’t think that stuff is ever going to happen here and then it does.”

Police said the investigation revealed that the suspects were planning to murder the two victims over the past several weeks.

TV6 will continue to provide updates on this case when they are released.