Goose Lake community helps fellow farmer who was injured by farm equipment

GOOSE LAKE, Iowa (KWQC) -- A farmer in Goose Lake is feeling extra thankful this holiday season. His community rallied around him when he was injured in an accident that cost him his leg.

“It’s just unreal, the amount of people that came out,” Perry Spain said.

A show of support from the community. On November 16, farmers from near and far, came ready to help harvest Goose Lake fellow farmer Perry Spain’s crops.

“They all had crops to take out. They could have stayed home that day and done their own, but they all came and helped us. So we are just super grateful,” said Spain.

Finding the right words to show his appreciation have been hard for Perry Spain.

“It means a lot, I don't know what else to say,” he said.

The act of kindness is extra special for the Spain family. On October 25th around 4:30 p.m., Spain was cleaning a grain bin and got his leg caught in an auger. He was able to make the machine stop. For nearly 2 hours, he was out there until his grandson went outside and heard him holler.

“If those belts wouldn't have burned off, I don't know, it wouldn't have been really good,” he said.

He was flown to Iowa City, where he had seven surgeries in 14 days. He eventually had to get his leg amputated. He’s now back home recovering.

“Everything has been forward, so everything has been good,” he said.

His community has now become a second family.

“You know, you get together for like maybe a wedding or something and there would be a lot of these people. You might see each other, but how often is that,” Perry said.

Farmers showing each other, that the lifestyle goes beyond their crops.

The next step for Perry is a prosthetic leg. His wife says he's looking forward to farming again - next spring.