Governor-Elect J.B. Pritzker stops in the Quad Cities

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) - Illinois's Governor-Elect J. B. Pritzker made a stop in the Quad Cities Monday to thank voters for their support during his campaign.

Pritzker and his Lieutenant Governor-Elect Juliana Stratton met with supporters at the Rock Island County Democratic Party office.

Toward the end of his visit, he talked about a number of topics including legalizing recreational marijuana.

"Legalization of recreational marijuana as you know is something that's important to us, but just as important as we're doing it, which will create jobs by the way, and plus you know to make it safe for the public and have a regulatory process that keeps our public safe."

The tour includes 10 thank-you events across northern, central, and southern Illinois.

Pritzker makes his last stop on the tour in Rockford, Illinois.