Governor Pritzker visited Moline High School on Friday

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - Governor J.B. Pritzker went to Moline High School on Friday to tour their career and technical education programs - programs he hopes other schools across Illinois could implement as well. He was excited about the programs at Moline, as well as the student's enthusiasm.

"This program in particular, the plan for it, the execution of it is really excellent. And it's one that I said to the principal it's one that I hope that it can take them on the road and take them to high schools across the state so we can put together the funding streams that they we're able to to make this possible across the state." said Pritzker.

After the tour, he discussed things like Western Illinois University's layoffs, his tax bill, and minimum wage.

"As you know, in my budget, I increased funding across universities in the state. My budget of course doesn't go into effect until July, but it's very important to me that we start investing again in our universities. I intend to raise funding in universities across the state by 5%." explained Pritzker. "We'll be working with Western Illinois University officials to do what we can."

Later he added, "I think people saw how unstable our state government fiscal crisis was. People step back and think is this really want to invest in Illinois. But because we're addressing the real issues, pension issues, fiscal challenge, businesses will want to stay and invest here and people will want to move here."