Grassley introduces bill to prevent future government shutdowns

United States Senate chamber, Photo Date: Undated / Photo: U.S. Senate / (MGN)
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WASHINGTON (KCRG) - Sen. Chuck Grassley has introduced the End Government Shutdowns Act to prevent the federal government from shutting down ever again.

The bill would ensure essential government shutdowns aren't disrupted. It would keep the government open when budget negotiations don't come through before spending deadlines.

“It costs money to shut down the government and it costs more money to reopen it. When the government shuts down, Americans are deprived of essential services and their tax dollars are needlessly wasted. Shutdowns also erode the trust between citizens and their government. This legislation would help ensure that policy stalemates and political interests would no longer get in the way of government’s duty to serve the American people.," Grassley said.

The act would create an automatic resolution for any appropriations bill not completed by Oct. 1.

It would also create additional certainty and confidence in the government’s ability to function on behalf of the citizens it serves,” Grassley said.

Sens. Rob Portman of Ohio, Steve Daines of Montana, Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, John Barrasso of Wyoming, Jim Risch of Idaho, Mike Lee of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska introduced the bill along with Sen. Grassley.

"After the first 120 days, CR funding will be reduced by one percent and would be reduced by one percent again every 90 days thereafter until Congress does its job and completes the annual appropriations process," according to a news release from the Senate.

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